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Personalised Nutrition with Next Generation Collagen

Take your brand to the next level with our “Next Generation ASC Certified Collagen.

Our Fish Collagen (ASC Certified), is a sustainable option and perfect for a range Collagen Enhanced Sports Supplements.  Peptides that are ideal for blending into workout formulas, or for creating collagen-enriched snacks….. a sustainable choice that supports performance and recovery goals while being mindful of environmental impact.



Willows Ingredients Announces Distribution Deal with TATA Chemicals for Prebiotics dietary fibres

We are pleased to announce that Willows Ingredients Ltd will be distributor for TATA NQ, the nutrition science division of TATA Chemicals. Tata NQ brings experience in prebiotic fibres providing nutritional and health benefits such as gut health, fibre-enrichment and sugar-reduction. We will be offering their prebiotic dietary fibre portfolio, for applications in human and animal nutrition, serving the UK & Ireland market.

Willows Ingredients have been active in the gut health market for many years and are delighted to represent an innovative organisation such as TATA Chemicals.

We will be offering products in TATA NQ’s prebiotics portfolio, including:

FOSSENCE®, a potent prebiotic and dietary fibre is a 100% soluble short chain Fructo oligosaccharides /oligofructose, made from fermentation of cane sugar, that selectively enhances the beneficial microbiota in the gut.

GOSSENCE® – Glacto oligosaccharides, is made from fermentation of Lactose via an in house developed technology by Tata chemicals. Recommended for infants and kids, GOSSENCE promotes healthy microflora in the gut and minimizes pathogens.

“We are happy to collaborate with Willows ingredients, to extend our expertise, in gut health and sugar reduction to the consumers in UK and Ireland market. Through Willows Ingredients, we will be offering our prebiotic portfolio to the food and beverage, nutraceutical, infant food and animal nutrition segments. Willow Ingredients reach, technical expertise, and presence in these markets will allow us flourish. Together, we hope to have an exciting journey ahead.”

– Rahul Gupta, Business Head, Nutrition Science, Tata Chemicals.

“We are honoured and happy to enter into partnership with TATA Chemicals, offering the TATA NQ range of prebiotic and dietary figures to UK and Ireland market. Willows Ingredients have enjoyed significant growth since our formation in 2007, and with our partnership with TATA Chemicals, we can look forward to our continued expansion into the important gut health, sugar reduction, and dietary fibre market. The technical expertise and knowledge that Willows Ingredients and TATA Chemicals will bring together both to our existing customers, and new customers, will further strengthen our successful partnership.”

– David Scrivens, Managing Director, Willows Ingredients Ltd

About Tata Chemicals Limited :
A part of US$ 113 billion Tata Group, Tata Chemicals is a globally leading multinational company, headquartered in India, employing over 4,600 people and present in 40+ countries and operating in Performance material, Nutrition Science, Agri science and Energy science.

About Tata NQ :
Tata NQ, the nutritional science division of Tata Chemicals Limited, offers nature-backed, science-supported ingredients with specific and desirable health benefits. Backed by a dedicated Innovation Centre, Tata NQ has expertise in microbiome science, biotechnology, food technology & biogenomics.

Willows Ingredients is a dedicated supplier of health ingredients to the food, human and animal nutrition sectors across the UK, Europe & Scandinavia. We partner with specialist raw material manufacturers to better nurture strong & collaborative relationships with our customers. We are committed to developing supply partnerships for sustainable products and solutions that will nourish a growing population.

For further information contact Zoe Deadman, Technical Sales Manager at Willows Ingredients

AA grade BRC for Willows

Willows Ingredients has successfully attained an AA rated BRC Agents and Brokers Certificate, Issue 2. This is the first time Willows Ingredients has been audited against Issue 2 and a rating system has been incorporated as part of the updated standard. Declan English, Quality Manager at Willows Ingredients was delighted with the result of the audit, “We are very happy with the outcome of the audit and feel it is a good reflection of the hard work and effort the whole team here in Willows Ingredients puts in every day to meet our customers’ expectations”


The UK government has recently announced that folic acid will be added to all flour to stop thousands of children being born with birth defects, such as spina bifida.

According to The Telegraph, 81 countries, including the US, subsequently introduced the mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid because only approximately one third of women follow advice to supplement their diet.

Willows Ingredients currently have Folic Acid USP grade in stock and available for sale. For details such as specs, CoA’s and general enquiries, please contact us

New Range of Minerals

following the successful introduction in 2017 of a comprehensive selection of Vitamins to our portfolio, Willows Ingredients has announced a new range of minerals which will further enhance our human and animal supplement offering. Please contact sales for further information.

Yestimun® Beta-Glucan now approved as Novel Food Ingredient

The immune ingredient Yestimun® Beta-Glucan finally achieved a new regulatory status. After being sold for 15 years officially as normal food ingredient, the regulatory status now changed to “Novel Food”.
During the last years some beta-glucans have been sold as normal food while others have been categorized as Novel Food ingredient. This caused lots of regulatory discrepancies and discussions with authorities and customers. To have an equal competition with other Novel Food registered beta-glucans and to make the regulatory aspects easier and better understandable, Leiber GmbH finally decided to make a Novel Food application for Yestimun® as well.
“There have been several reasons for making an own full application and not just a substantial equivalence”, explained Eike Hagemann, Business Unit Director Health at Leiber GmbH. “The most important aspect was to expand the use levels and food categories for Yestimun® in comparison to already authorized yeast beta-glucans.”
The own Novel Food application for Yestimun® includes use levels up to 1500 mg per day in food supplements. These dosages are safe and give more possibilities for different product concepts. “The new Novel Food approval will make regulatory issues easier for our customers, especially in countries, where the authority’s opinion has been a big challenge before”, says Hagemann.
Now the regulatory status is officially confirmed by the European Authorities and should be accepted everywhere (Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/2078). Furthermore the process of Novel Food Authorization also included a complete safety assessment of Yestimun® and confirms the high quality and safety of the ingredient for functional food and supplement applications. In combination with the ongoing interest and trend to immune supporting products we can look forward to new interesting products including the immune ingredient Yestimun® from brewers’ yeast.

Willows Ingredients are the Authorized Distributor for Yestimun® in the UK and Ireland.

Willows is awarded BRC Agents and Brokers Certificate

Willows Ingredients is proud to announce that it has attained the BRC Agents and Brokers Certificate after a successful audit of its Quality Management System.

Willows Quality Manager, Declan English commented “BRC Agents and Brokers certification is another important step in the evolution of Willows Ingredients as a leading supplier of ingredients. The BRC Agents and Brokers standard adds to our robust Quality Management System which incorporates schemes such as FEMAS, ISO 9001/2015 and Organic certification. These 3rd party accreditations allow us to display to our existing and potential customers that a philosophy of continuous improvement and a strong quality focus are woven into the cultural fabric that exists here in Willows”.