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Willows Ingredients offers alternative feed ingredients to fish oil

Omega 3 oil derived from microalgae helps reduce “paw print”

Willows Ingredients grow its sustainable portfolio with its recent supply partner agreement.  Willows Ingredients have signed a supply partnership agreement for Ireland and the United Kingdom, with HuveNutra® for HuvePure® DHA – lipid biomass, a vegetarian source of DHA, derived from microalgae that are a viable alternative to fish oil, feed material used in feed […]

Personalised Nutrition with Next Generation Collagen

Take your brand to the next level with our “Next Generation ASC Certified Collagen. Our Fish Collagen (ASC Certified), is a sustainable option and perfect for a range Collagen Enhanced Sports Supplements.  Peptides that are ideal for blending into workout formulas, or for creating collagen-enriched snacks….. a sustainable choice that supports performance and recovery goals […]

A climate for crickets

A climate for crickets – Irish company paves the way for new protein source. An Irish family-owned company has signed a distribution agreement with a Vietnamese manufacturing company, Cricket One, to provide cricket protein to the UK and European markets. Wicklow-based Willows Ingredients has been a supplier of health ingredients to the human and animal-nutrition […]

How freshwater collagen is moving anti-aging into the circular beauty era….

Circular beauty is reshaping the nutricosmetics industry. Today, products need to do more than just provide beauty from within; they also need to be good for people and the planet. The demand for sustainable beauty is a threat to manufacturers of traditional collagen anti-aging products made from cows, pigs or marine fish—all of which have […]

Willows Prebiotics

Willows will be offering various prebiotic variants of FOS, GOS and inulin over 2021. As a prebiotic, they stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the lower digestive tract associated with improved bowel, gut and overall immune health. They are all dietary fibres, low in calories and have low glycemic indexes. Introducing 3 variants of […]